Specialist Soaps

Exfoliating Gardener’s Hand Soap  - £3.20

Made with around 50% volcanic pumice powder, this rich lathering soap is super tough on dirt and grime. Perfect after gardening – but has had rave reviews over the years from oily mechanics, grubby builders, and DIY enthusiasts (to name but a few). For all those who would just love to have softer and smoother hands! Works so well it helps hand cream absorb better too - Fragrance: Geranium, Peppermint… - Approx 95g
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Chef Soap

Deodorising Chef’s Hand Soap - £3.20

Designed as a rich lathering hand soap, that uses the combination of zesty smelling citrus oils and sodium bicarbonate to combat any nasty kitchen odours (like garlic or onions) which tend to hang around on your fingers after cooking. Deodorising and moisturising at the same time, this will become a ‘must have’ soap for everyone’s kitchen sink! - Fragrance: Lemon, Orange - Approx 95g
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Aloe Vera Soap

Soothing Aloe Vera Soap - £3.20

Designed as a gentle soap that uses the special soothing properties of clear Aloe Vera to help keep delicate skin feeling moisturised. Delightful to use, this has a very subtle and non irritating fragrance. - Fragrance: Aloe Vera -- Approx 95g
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Tea Tree Soap

Clarifying Tea Tree Soap - £3.20

The perfect soap for skin that prone to problems and sensitivity. Skin feels superbly clean after use, and there is only the smell of Tea Tree essential oil as the perceptible fragrance! - Fragrance Tea Tree - Approx 95g
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Moisturising Shea Butter & Oatmeal Soap - £3.20

Made with moisturising shea nut butter, this gorgeously simple soap is ideal as a skin smoothing body cleanser. The gentle exfoliating action of finely ground oatmeal helps leave skin feeling fresh and positively glowing. Smells divinely of lavender, sweet orange and soothing chamomile! - Fragrance Chamomile, Lavender, Orange - Approx 95g

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