Soap Cake Slices
These Soap Cakes are a work of art! ~ They look good enough to eat. - PLEASE NOTE: Product for sale is PER SLICE

Coconut Cake Soap Slice- £3.60 per Slice

Inspired by the famous Brazilian Copacabana beach, this deliciously exotic and tropical soap is topped with our magical frothy and light soap icing sprinkled with real desiccated coconut and surrounded with a ring of pretty pink mini-heart soaps. Our rich, sweet and fragrant coconut perfume adds to the authenticity of this delightful creation. Approx weight 170g
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Strawberry Cake Soap Slice- £3.60 per Slice

Ringed with clear red soap mini-hearts lies a thick bed of white and frothy soap icing topped with a whirl of pink soap. Our deliciously warm and totally delicious fresh ripe strawberry fragrance has converted this soap cake into a mouth-watering masterpiece of unbelievable scrumptiousness. Approx weight 170g
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Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake Soap Slice- £3.60 per Slice

Based on the quintessentially English recipe, magically transformed into a wonderful soap cake that contains real chocolate extract and is topped with white and milk chocolate-coloured hearts, chocolate-coloured foamy soap icing and a stylish chocolate swirl. Our deliciously sweet and moreish fragrance of warm sticky toffee makes the whole ensemble a real joy to experience. Approx weight 170g
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Raspberry Ripple Cake Soap Slice- £3.60 per Slice

A deliciously sweet raspberry scented soap cake decorated with opal white and transparent red mini-hearts, a pink frothy soap icing and an eye-catching swirl of pink soap to top it off perfectly. Our raspberry fragrance is delectably tangy and intensely fruity adding to the overall power and punch of the whole presentation. Approx weight 170g
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Bakewell Tart Cake Soap Slice- £3.60 per Slice

We do make exceedingly good soap cakes. This old British favourite with its rich and delicious aroma of almonds is perfectly reproduced in soap. Smells divine, looks just right and is topped off with a traditional criss-cross of chocolate coloured soap poured over our white foamy soap icing and surrounded by a ring of clear red and opal white mini-heart soaps. Approx weight 170g

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