Muffin Bath Bombs
The ULTIMATE in bath bombs - Bubbles for a few minutes whilst disolving. Just lie back and feel the rich creamy moisturiser -Run yourself a deep bath and drop the whole unwrapped muffin into the water. As it fizzes it releases its rich fragrance into the air. Jump in, splash around or lie back, relax and enjoy as it softens and perfumes the bath water and gently fragrances the skin

Little Pink Princess Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.99

Simply a new pink version of our ever popular Little Princess bath muffin. Scented with the same soft peach fragrance, this is so desirable – the perfect gift!.. Approx 190g
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Thank You Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.99

A novel (and highly fragrant) way to express your thanks to someone. This juicy blackcurrant scented bath fizzer says it all!. Approx 190g
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Love You Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.99

Fragranced with heady Rose and Patchouli, this is a most original way to send love to someone special! Sprinkled with sparkly glitter.. Approx 190g
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Happy Birthday Bath Bomb

Happy Birthday Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.99

Fragranced with our ever popular Lemon & Lime fragrance, this is the perfect gift for extending your felicitations and wishing someone ‘Many Happy Returns’! Its lovely fresh smell is reflected in the bright and cheerful yellow colour it leaves the water once dissolved – and the bright message they can read for themselves on the top. Sprinkled with sparkly glitter.. Approx 190g
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Chocolate Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.70

Made with real cocoa extract, this chocolate fizzing muffin is definitely one for chocolate lovers. The fragrance is of rich, delicious chocolate so an accompanying few chunks of your favourite chocolate bar would avoid any temptation to jump out the bath and dash to the kitchen. Approx 190g
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Blueberry Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.70

This is the most traditional kind of muffin (popular in the USA) – our version has the lovely fruity smell of real blueberries.

- Approx 190g
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Strawberry Muffin Bath Bomb - £2.70

If you feel you deserve a special treat, give in to the temptation of mouth-watering fresh strawberries. Regarded as an aphrodisiac by some, truly scrumptious and shockingly rich in fragrance, it will perk you up and leave you feeling tickled pink for the rest of the day. .- Approx 190g
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