Bath Creme Cones

OMG – Break off a section or two, pop them into the bath, lye back and relax in these new amazing, mouth-watering cocktail fragrance bath bombs.


Kir Royale Cocktail Bar Bath Fizzer - £4.50

Pretty and delicate in appearance, this rose scented fizzer will melt anyone’s heart.... We dare you to resist! - Approx 365g

Margarita Cocktail Bar Bath Fizzer - £4.50

Smell the zingy, ting-a-ling of this cocktail inspited bath fizzer. Neatly segmented block that you can break a chunk or two off of for your bath! Produces a gorgeous creamy foam and super soft skin. A shot of fun and indulgence!- Approx 365g

Mojito Cocktail Bar Bath Fizzer - £4.50

Fabulously fizzy – a segmented block of bath fizzer which allows a chunk or two to be broken off at a time! Produces a gorgeous smell and colours the bath water. Be wild and reckless…Plink, plink, fizz!- Approx 365g

Strawberry Daiquiri Margarita Cocktail Bar Bath Fizzer - £4.50

A carnival atmosphere in the bath! This segmented block of bath fizzer allows a chunk or two to be broken off at a time, and dropped in to bath water. Plink, plink, fizz! Approx 365g

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