Bath Creme Cones
Bijou ‘cones’ of traditional bath fizzer on the bottom - creamy, skin softening mix on the top. These dinky bath treats and perfect for a little self-indulgence which are sure to also prove a much desired gift!

Rose Sherbet - £1.10

Pretty and delicate in appearance, this rose scented fizzer will melt anyone’s heart.... We dare you to resist! - Approx 40g
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Lemon Paradise - £1.10

Bright and celebratory in appearance, the zingy smell of fresh lemon will make this one a winner from the start. Hooray! - Approx 40g
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Lime Daiquiri - £1.10

The tangy smell of fresh lime zest and the contrast of colours will no doubt make this fizzer an eye-catching favourite. Yipee! - Approx 40g

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